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ADA RESTROOM/ master bath


The ADA RESTROOM / master bathroom is a conversion of an existing bedroom and acts as the restroom for the business, but also showcases Aging In Place features that can be used by clients and the family after hours. Clients can use the intelligent toilet with personal bidet and no-threshold shower to see what is possible in their own homes. A pass through under the stairs connects the OFFICE / master bedroom in the event the workspace reverts to living space.

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The single handle faucet is easy for everyone from kids to folks with arthritis.

The intelligent toilet has features for washing fronts and backs as well as drying. Read about my experience with bidet seats on my blog.

Every shower needs a hand held shower head that rides on a grab bar. Controls should be accessible to the shower seat and it comes in handy when cleaning the shower.

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Split pebbles add more grout to the shower floor allowing for better toe grip and more sensory input while showering. As we age we need to grip with our toes to keep better balance. A contrast in flooring between the shower and the rest of the bathroom helps those with sight impairments navigate in the bathroom.

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