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ID 131 Introduction to Interiors 3 Complete

A study of the design elements and principles as applied to interiors. Includes skill development in drawing floor plans, analyzing furniture arrangement, and basic techniques for creating interior design presentation boards including floor plans, color boards, and elevation drawings. Prerequisite/concurrent: ARCH 110. 


We designed an office space for a fictional client and had to communicate our design through the use of material boards and hand rendered drawings. This project  provided me with the vocabulary of interior design and the rudimentary tools to communicate design choices to clients. It also provided a framework for matching designs and finishes to client programming needs. The full proposal outlining my client's programming needs and how I met them, click here.

I was so pleased when my boards were retained to be part of the Department Archive to show future students as an example of a project that scored well on the rubric.​

ARCH 127. Introduction to Google SketchUp. 3 Credits.

Introduces basic 3-D modeling terminology, concepts and tools used to create simple building models and useful everyday shapes using SketchUp 3-D modeling software. Audit available.

I wanted to be able to communicate the concepts of visitability and how they could transform our neighborhood in a way that is easy to understand. I started with my own house and tied it to one of the Age-Friendly Portland Action Plan -- a zero step entrance.

Visitability Definition.jpg
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ID 120. Interior Products and Materials I. 3 Credits

Presents analysis and evaluation of materials and products utilized in the interior design profession. Focuses on the properties, cost, sustainability and installation of materials. Prerequisites: ID 131 and (WR 115 or placement into WR 121). Audit available.

I combined my coursework on sustainability and Sketchup to complete my Interior Products and Materials final project.


Inspiration comes from original artwork by Leslie Saeta Fine Art.

The challenge is always getting faster at communicating the designs. This particular design did not emphasize Aging in Place because we were given the floor plan. This project was focused on selecting the right material for the right application.