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Mt. Tabor Classic


Inspiration comes from a Tea Party with traditional blue china and the palette appeal of strawberries and lemon curd. Increased flow and function comes from listening to the client and delivering formal and informal spaces that work with their lifestyle.

Range Before

Range Before

No landing area for the range that just floats in the middle of the room!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

The client really wanted to look at the views while at the sink.

Refrigerator Before

Refrigerator Before

The fridge was so far away making a work triangle that was too big.


As-Built Sheet Page 001.jpg

Karen and Denise live in a traditional 1912 Pacific Northwest home on Mt. Tabor in Portland, OR with their two children ages ten and eight. They love to cook and entertain and want to make this house their “forever house”. Their home has generous space but it is all closed off into three rooms that do not feel connected.

This active family of four hosts large family gatherings twice a month and the kid’s friends agree this is the go-to house after school. It takes a lot of cooperation to get weekday meals to the table so having at least two workstations is a must.  

They have a thriving garden and make weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market. Karen prefers to drink her kale in a smoothy every morning while Denise tempts everyone with delicious baked goods. They love the Pacific Northwest and have sustainability goals to pick finishes that are made locally as much as possible to reflect their commitment to the environment. Denise and Karen want to keep a traditional feel to the house but are not afraid of color. 


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About the Design

To bring a better flow and function to their home I created a formal area and an informal Gathering area. Guests coming into the home can take in the wonderful views of the West Hills while helping themselves to a drink at the new bar and settle in the informal area in the kitchen or walk through a new opening to the formal dining and living room. Elegant glass pocket doors separate the two areas so kids can be together and adults can find a quiet place to talk after the meal.

In the kitchen we created a beverage and smoothie making station with quick access to fresh vegetables from the Farmer’s Market or garden, flax and chia seeds, and frozen fruits in convenient refrigerator/freezer drawers and the blender in the appliance garage. Placement of this center is convenient to the main sink and dishwasher for quick clean up and resetting for the next day.

To facilitate getting meals for the family during weekdays or for a large family gathering, we have created a baking station and prep sink in the island. One person can be cleaning up while another is finishing up the meal. Four people can easily be working together to make the magic happen. A second dishwasher in the island allows for cleanup up of items at the baking station. Seating for weekday meals and doing homework are at the table extension attached to the island.

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