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I am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) with degrees in Construction Management and Design for Accessibility and Aging in Place.  Over my 18 years in design and construction I had difficulty visualizing a finished project by just looking at a set of two-dimensional blueprints. Learning 3D modeling using Sketchup while at PCC opened up a whole new world for me...the world of design.

I love to work with designers and clients to puzzle out different design choices. Need to see if from a different angle? a different color? a different style? a different material? No problem! I can show it to you for better, more informed, and sometimes faster decision making. 

Have it all figured out, but need to communicate to subcontractors and building officials? I can help with your construction drawings so you can move your project from ideation to construction.


I am passionate about home remodeling and learning about the changes in materials and contractor preferences. I love learning new software applications to help communicate designs or improve work processes.


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I live in Portland, OR but with today's digital world your project can start anywhere!


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