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Using 3D I modeled my own home to see if I could design a no-step entrance that blended seamlessly with the home's architecture and enhanced the visitability of my home. My boys wondered when we start construction!

My design goals:


preserve the 10-foot setback and frame the front entrance per the intent of the Zoning Code.






add dry wells for storm water maintenance and perimeter drains during renovation to protect property.

add additional gathering space at the main entrance to connect the interior and exterior.

provide gardening opportunities at a level for all abilities and ages--use drought resistant plantings, culinary herbs, color and fragrance to touch all the senses.

provide code compliant 1:12 ramp with handrail and no-step entrance per Age-Friendly Portland Action Plan.

use existing architecture and site features to inform design and create curb appeal -- use concrete for a sense of permanence.

3 Steps up limits who can visit
Concrete Ramp for Visitability
Failing Street Photo Rendering with Ramp
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