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Concept Amanda and Peter Renshaw are in their 30’s and have inherited a 1920’s era foursquare house from Amanda’s grandmother in which they will operate a business as well as live. Amanda is an interior designer and Certified Aging in Place Specialist who specializes in remodeling homes to allow seniors to live in the communities they love for as long as they want and making upgrades to a home’s visitability. She prides herself on choosing sustainable materials and creating sustainable designs that match the style of the house and withstand the test of time. Peter is a talented finish carpenter who specializes in matching existing finishes in older homes and can make custom moldings and trim at his shop down on Water Street. Peter also makes custom built-in cabinets that fit with the style of the client’s home. Amanda and Peter often team up to complete projects.


Exterior Concept with Ramp.png
Ramp + Landscaping/ good for all ages

​The RAMP is accessible from the sidewalk and the accessible parking in the rear. Strollers, wheelchairs, walkers and deliveries benefit from the gently sloped ramp making the business and home visitable for all. Concrete planters soften the look as well as act as a safety buffer from cars entering the alley.



A Design for All Ages.png
Site Plan Only 2000-01.jpg
Masthead arrows.png

The remodel of the home will act as a Showcase for both of their work--Peter’s talents will be showcased in the upgrades to all the trim and casework including a coffered ceiling and wrapped columns to set the Dining Room apart from the Living Room. Amanda’s talents will be showcased in the accessibility of the first floor where she will work and meet with clients. The first floor will be remodeled in a flexible way so that it can be reverted back to living space at any time. Upstairs includes upgrades to all finishes, creation of a Master Suite, and flexibility for guests and future children. The third story to include a bunk room/play room and full bath with shower.​

REMODEL INSPIRATION & USE / aging in place in the future

Each room has a dual purpose TO SUPPORT THE FAMILY while they work and live in the building / a dual use for the space that showcases the flexibility of the room to be used by people of all ages.

WAITING ROOM / living room

CONFERENCE ROOM / dining room

COOK'S KITCHEN / back entrance

ADA RESTROOM/ master bath

OFFICE/ master bedroom

Click on a room to learn more about its Aging in Place Features

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